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SimTec Laboratory
We try to create programs that are easy from outside independently on what inside is.
It means that the interface is friendly and easy as much as possible.

If you have any difficulties when use our programs let us know and we will correct the problem as soon as possible.

Our principles.

One purchase. You buy a program only once. Then you can use all further versions and releases free.
All countries. The purchased license allows you to use all languages supported by the program.
One installation. All new versions and releases (upgrades) are installed over the current one with replacing it. You do not have several versions at your computer. All new versions are compatible with older ones.

Customer personalization. When you buy a program and get the license key, you pass online registration process when run the program first time. Your name is saved in the common database. You will see your name in About ... dialog window. This will protect your license ownership in case if your license key is stolen.

Cool updating. Programs are updated as soon as they are modified. You do not wait for new versions long time. Besides the current major version number you can see release date of the last program update in About... dialog window and in file file_id.diz which is included to <program>.zip file.
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